28 settembre 2015

- Elf is catching the ring - Raster illustration

- Kill the dragon -

 - Kill the dragon - Raster illustration.
In which area of the psyche the dragon resides?
"I did not come to bring peace on earth, but a sword"

- Uccidi il drago - Illustrazione raster.
In quale area della psiche risiede il drago?
"Non sono venuto a portare la pace sulla terra, ma una spada"

21 settembre 2015

18 settembre 2015

Finally Photoshoooop!

I am so excited of my new baby: a graphic tablet Wacom Cintiq, where I can draw directly on the monitor of the tablet. This image (I show you in two steps, the bigger is the final result) is done in Photoshop, with the new graphic tablet. 
I hope to find a way to work with raster images, until now I have only used Illustrator, that is for vector files only... Enjoy!