25 ottobre 2015

22 ottobre 2015

.. Another indian dancer!

I have realized a second indian dancer. In these days, I want to share the beauty of a spiritual country, India.

21 ottobre 2015

Indian dancer

Today, I want to celebrate the indian arts, especially the music and the dance, with a vector illustration representing an indian dancer.

19 ottobre 2015

Dance of Shiva

In the past I have realized Ganesh, for a friend of mine, a Yoga teacher. Today, I want to celebrate Shiva.

12 ottobre 2015

The GRIMATAUR! Challenge of the month October 2015

I have done this illustrations for the challenge of the month October 2015 by "Draw with Jazza" Youtube channel


Here, the preparatory sketch of the character:

Here is the vector illustration. In a second moment, I have added some highlights on Photoshop, as you can see in the first image on the top of this post.

You can see the image with high resolution and the description on this site:


8 ottobre 2015

6 landscape in 1

Very big project, for work. 6 landscape in 1, the total scene:

The 6 isolated landscapes:

And 2 landscapes mixed in 1: